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Friday, June 25, 2010

Positive things I have written in the last year

There is something very depressing about being told you're relentlessly negative. Here is an incomplete list of stuff that's either effusive or damn-near-close-to I wrote in the last year to prove I'm not Dale Peck. This bothers me; this last stands here for future ref.

Fantastic Mr. Fox review

about Jim Finn

regarding Ulrich Seidl

Reviews of Rolling Thunder and The Outside Man

Harmony and Me review

enthusiastic NYFF endorsements of Sweetgrass,
Ghost Town and To Die Like A Man

effusive praise for the True/False film festival, and many of the films I saw there

praise for Putty Hill, Mars and Cold Weather (and, later, Audrey The Trainwreck and Beijing Taxi)

Plus posts below gushing over mumblecore, The National and Spoon and a book review that got an A- and innumerable blog posts

1 comment:

  1. Writing for two reasons ...

    1) About a month back, an anonymous commenter wrote that he (or she) had clicked on several reviews at my blog and said they were all negative and thus I was "fucking annoying." Or something like that. The irony was that this comment was left in my most recent review at the time, which was almost entirely positive. Go figure.

    2) Great thoughts on Sweetgrass, a film I enjoyed as well but that I've struggled to find much worthy chatter about until read your review just now, which thankfully gets to the heart of why it works rather than just explaining what it does (like every other review I'd seen of that film to this point).